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Elizabeth Jenkins Hukill, LCSW

Self-esteem and confidence are keys to not only success but overall life satisfaction. We all have areas we struggle with or lack confidence in. But at what point do these insecurities become obsessions? Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a fixation on a real or perceived flaw relating to your physical appearance. These fixations may cause you to avoid social behaviors, experience obsessive thoughts, or seek out ways to “fix” these flaws. If your quality of life or a loved one’s life is impacted by BDD and obsessive thoughts, therapy may be helpful for you.

I’m here to help provide you with evidence-based approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and exposure and response therapy. These approaches have been proven to reduce symptoms of BDD and provide you with tools to support your recovery. I’m currently supervised by Sedrick Wales, LCSW.

It takes courage to reach out and take the next step. Whether it’s virtually or in person let’s create a treatment plan that helps you reclaim your life.

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