About Us

Exceptional Holistic Mental Health Services

Welcome to Therapy Central! We are a unique and innovative company that merges the realms of mental health and wellness with aesthetics and spa services. Our mi... Read more

The Commitment You Were Looking for

At Therapy Central, we are deeply committed to providing the best care and support for our clients seeking mental health and wellness services. We understand th... Read more

Our Approach

At Therapy Central, our approach to mental health and wellness is rooted in a client-centered and holistic perspective. We believe in treating the whole person,... Read more

What Makes Us Different

  • Over 14 Years of Experience
  • Licensed Professionals
  • Innovative Care
  • Holistic Approach to Wellness
  • Spa like atmosphere
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Free consultation
  • Wifi on the premises
  • Why People Trust Us

    Mac Hernandez

    4 months ago
    An amazing high-quality professional office space. Great location for bringing clients. Has everything one could ask for.

    Traci Byerly

    4 months ago
    Therapy Central is top class and has everything people seeking healing need! I was blown away by this facility with ALL of the amenities and...
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    Areas Covered

    Dallas, Fort Worth