Mary Frances Griffin
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LMSW, CCM

Do you sometimes wonder, "Where do I go from here?" It requires a lot of strength and courage to come to grips with "I need help." Do you need help with depression, grief, medical situations, or difficult life decisions? I offer individual and group resources for mid-life adults and seniors, facing an array of issues such as coping with divorce, retirement planning, or re-establishment of social life.

I specialize in supporting adults with learning how to take care of themselves, while also caring for loved ones such as elderly family members, adult children, and grandchildren. Working with me can support you in deep self-reflection to increase understanding and adaptability.

I have a multi-faceted approach and background, that aids clients in establishing unity, tranquility, and peace. In our work together, I believe in honoring principles of your belief systems that will support your spiritual wellness. It's never too late to gain better understanding of your inner workings and discover a new way of being.

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