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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, DNP, PMHNP

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life obstacles? Are you frustrated about the direction your life is setting off? The last few years have facilitated a drastic change in the way our society and culture operates. We are now forced to work from a distance, change our expectations, and ultimately adjust to an entirely new way of life. Unfortunately, in the process of navigating these obstacles, people are feeling the stress. Dr. Adeogun, DNP is a board-certified family psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner, with an extensive education and background in treating patients from late adolescence to geriatric population.

Her evidence-based approach to treatment encourages moments of self-reflection and prioritizing beneficial personal relationships. With nearly a decade experience, she has proven time-and-time again that this approach is an invaluable asset to those struggling with mental illness.

If you want a provider that would listen to your concerns before prescribing medications. If you want a provider that focus on personalized treatment plan, guided by each patient’s individuality and needs, then contact her for a free consultation.

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