Dimensions of Transformation
Loraine Benson-Therapist, LMSW

If you feel as though depression, stress, internal turmoil of unprocessed trauma and grief is keeping you from operating at your full potential, I can help you navigate through a process of positive change that helps bring balance and wholeness. Changing the way you think can change your life.

My experience includes addressing mental health issues with diverse populations at inpatient behavioral health hospitals and helped implement change that help people overcome. I offer a safe confidential client centered atmosphere. I offer tools to help you find your authentic self so you can enjoy your life and relationships.

Life if full of obstacles along the way. Problems that we can learn and grow from. Real mastery comes when we can take the residue of the obstacles and seek the changes that make us stronger, balanced and whole. Perception is everything. Let me help you transform your life to where you can function as your authentic self and walk into your purpose.

We Look Forward to Working With You.

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