Chaena Hollist
Pre-Licensed Professional, LMSW, MMin, CFSW, CLC

Life is a series of transformations. It has been my life’s work to support the transformation of individuals, families, groups and organizations into the healthy, whole and more authentic version of themselves. With 16 years of experience in mental health, crisis and trauma recovery, healthcare management as well as personal growth and development, I’ve seen and experienced the best and worst of the human condition.Through the use of effective, practical and personable strategies such as empathetic listening, effective questioning, evidence-based techniques and a solution-focused approach, I help clients extract wisdom from their own wounds, experiences, and thought patterns to apply new insights to their lives

You will walk away from each session feeling heard, validated, and with clearly identified action steps you can take to move forward in the lifelong journey that is mental health. If my work and approach align with your goals and desires for your therapeutic journey, please feel free to contact me to discuss beginning our work together.

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